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==> April 5, 2014 (1st Saturday) <==
May 17, 2014 (3rd Saturday)

Special Presentation on April 5th - 10:00 am

Protecting Yourself, Your Computer, and Your Identity
by Bob Gostischa


All SIG's meet once each month, usually on the 3rd Saturday. For SIG session meeting times, click on "Meeting Schedule" at left.

Our April 5, 2014 Meeting Agenda
will be ...

(Special Interest Groups)
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  • HTPC/Home Automation - 8:00 am
    Home Automation covers everything from setting your thermostat to having your refrigerator order milk. Come join SIG Leader Bill Parker as we set our direction for this SIG. 

  • Microsoft Excel - 8:00 am
  • The March meeting covered a combination of three functions to display the workbook name in a formula string. In our April session, we will look at more function combinations.

  • Microsoft PowerShell - 8:00 - 10:00 am
  • Chris Morgan will present a variety of ways to use PowerShell to export data into a CSV file from a SQL database using ADO.NET objects.

  • Windows Tips & Tricks - 9:00 - 10:00 am
  • Open Q&A this month.  And if you have a 'troubled' system, contact Chuck or Gil for a possible 'live, no net' troubleshooting session.

  • Making Money on the Internet - 9:00 am
  • April's focus will be on all things "Crowd Funding".   Join us as we explore a number of very successful commercial, personal and nonprofit fund raising campaigns.

  • Linux Installation Project - 9:00 am
    The Linux Installation Project helps users with their Linux install or configuration problems. Bring your machine and we will help you get it running.

  • Microsoft Word - 10:00 am
    Word 2010 - Potpourri
    Quick Tips and Topics – date auto-fill, important Word options, creating columns and those symbols around the edges.

  • .NET Developers/HTML - 10:00 am - Noon
    For the April and May meetings of the .NET/HTML SIG, Chris Morgan will make a presentation on the “Basics of Microsoft ADO.NET”, and will include the development of a Windows Form application which shows the contents of any SQL database.

  • Digital Photography - 10:00 am
    When shall we upgrade, and with which style.

  • Digital Photo Editing - 11:00 am
  • Can't afford Photoshop. Try free ones that can use Linux, Windows, and Mac OS-X.

  • The Internet - 11:00 am
    No meeting in April so we can attend the special 10:00 presentation.

  • Salesforce Developers
    401 study group (11:00 AM to 12:00) 
    501 study group (12:30 to 1:30)

  • Microsoft Access - 11:00 am
  • In April, Larry talks about Elements of Queries.

  • Windows Inside/Out - 12:30 pm
  • Video Editing Software
    In this session, I'll discuss and demonstrate some of the video editing tools I use for creating video clips and YouTube captures.

  • Wireless Communication - 12:30 pm

  • Investors - 1:30 pm
    We will have our usual Q&A session. Bring your questions and experiences in investing and share with the group.

  • AppDev SIG - 1:30 pm
    In April, we will continue with our hands-on development of a Microsoft MVC application.

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