Need to learn more about computers, the Internet, programming, how to use the latest software? Are you interested in keeping your knowledge skills on the leading edge? If you are, then NTPCUG is where you will want to be.

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Next Meetings

(all on 3rd Saturdays)

  • September 15, 2018
  • October  20, 2018
  • November  17, 2018
  • December  15, 2018

      Our September 15th meeting will include the following …

(Special Interest Groups)

    • HTPC/Home Automation – 8:00 am  — No meeting this month. See you in October.
      Home Theater (or Media) PCs and Home Automation come in an endless range of capability, complexity and price.  Come join us as we cover this new & exciting area. Home Automation covers everything from setting your thermostat to having your refrigerator order milk.  Join us!
    • Microsoft PowerShell – 8:00 – 10:00 amTBD
    • Windows Tips & Tricks  9:00 – 11:00 am Open Q & A.
      Open Q&A. If you have a “troubled” system, contact Chuck or Gil for a possible “Live, No Net” troubleshooting session in front of the group.
    • Making Money Online – 8:00 am
      How to set up Amazon S3 to host video. This will include how to protect file access on S3 (useful for membership sites and information products you want to sell ) from unauthorized users. Amazon S3 is one of the least expensive (and most reliable/robust) ways to keep files ‘in the cloud’ there is, and has some very important advantages over “free” sites like YouTube for hosting video for money-making purposes.
    • Microsoft Office Suite 9:00 am –  Noon  (New Session)
      Sue Clark, Frank Tubbs and Sharon Dorsey are continuing to combine their knowledge of the different versions of Microsoft Office Suite.  Pop-in anytime during the session with your questions about any . . . or all . . . of these five applications in MS OfficeShort Presentations in September will include: 

      • Excel – using relative & absolute value in formulas and some other basic functions.
      • Word – creating a two-page newsletter flyer.
      • Publisher – creating a two-page newsletter flyer.
      • PowerPoint – creating a two-page newsletter flyer.
      • Access – splitting an imported file into related tables.
    • AppDev  10:00 am – Noon
      Tom Perkins will present an Introduction to Angular Coding (and points West) 
    • The Internet – 11:00 am
      • Credit Freeze – New law goes into effect Sept 21st.
      • Who Controls Your Smart home? Things every homeowner should know.
      • The best tech for trip planning.
    • Windows Inside/Out – 12:30 pm
      • Give long-distance windows help from the comfort of your own home
      • Are targeted ads stalking you? Here’s how to make them stop
      • Make several Gmail addresses out of one
    • Wireless Communication – 12:30 pm