The Dallas Fort Worth Unix Users Group is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Unix.
As part of the celebration, DFWUUG is having special presentations at their October and November meetings.

DFWUUG invites the North Texas Linux Users Group to attend the presentations.The October event will be on Thursday, October 10, at the usual DFWUUG meeting location: 1177 South Beltline Road, Coppell, Texas, at the IBM Innovation Center.

The meeting starts at 7 PM, with pizza and sodas at 6:45 PM.

As part of our two-month celebration of the 50th anniversary of Unix, Jeremy Reed will give a talk on “History of Unix, the Early Years”
at the October 10 meeting. This talk introduces the first decade of Unix, the key participants, the hardware, the several early versions, the community, and the licensing.

Jeremy C. Reed has served on The NetBSD Foundation board of directors for the last ten years and co-founded the BSD Certification. He has been researching BSD, Unix, and ARPANET history for ten years and is actively authoring a history of Berkeley Unix book. Reed’s book “pfSense Essentials” was recently published.

Please bring any early Unix materials you may have to show at the meeting. That includes hardware, manuals, documentation, and even stories to relate that you may have from the early years.