The Divi theme is a complete development system built into WordPress. It allows creating pages and posts, but does so in a visual way and with extensive options for formatting. Very complex pages can be built based on a hierarchical structure consisting of

  • a page
  • sections
  • rows
  • columns
  • and modules

A page can have one or more sections, a section can have one or more rows, each row can have one or more columns that can be evenly spaced or different widths. Finally, one of the Divi modules (of which there are over 40 to choose from) can be placed in a column. In fact, you can have more than one module in a column, such as two text modules – one for a header and one for text content. No CSS or HTML code is needed to style and format the content of the modules. A wysiwyg system of menus allows the designer complete control over the size and look of every element and text content. Nevertheless, Divi allows the more experienced designer to use custom CSS if they wish.