The Internet

SIG Leader - Glynn Brooks

50th Anniversary of Unix

The Dallas Fort Worth Unix Users Group is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Unix. As part of the celebration, DFWUUG is having special presentations at their October and November meetings. DFWUUG invites the North Texas Linux Users Group to attend the...

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September 2019 Internet SIG Links

Here are the links to articles we discussed in the Internet SIG: Using the Internet to get home entertainment Binge-watching vs. weekly schedule TV watching Streaming wars scorecard: What to watch and how much it will cost  We also took a look at the Interactive Media...

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The Risk of Weak Online Banking Passwords

Good article from Brian Krebs' security blog: The Risk of Weak Online Banking Passwords "This story is about how crooks increasingly are abusing third-party financial aggregation services like Mint, Plaid, Yodlee, YNAB and others to surveil and drain consumer accounts...

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